Oh No, Bobo! Published April 2020
Illustrated by Laura Watkins
Join Bobo the Orangutan on his quest to find the perfect pillow and ensure a good night’s sleep.

Bobo is sure one of his jungle friends will be able to help. He plucks a feather here and a tuft of hair there but only causes upset! Bobo is left despondent and still without a pillow. But when Elsie the elephant enthusiastically strokes Bobo and wraps him up in her trunk in an effort to play, Bobo gets very upset indeed. Will Bobo and Elsie both learn an important lesson about asking permission? 
Oh No, Bobo is a gentle introduction to the theme of consent.

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Finn has been acting weird. He’s moved to his gran’s house in the posh end of town and now it’s as if he thinks he’s too good for his old friends. He’s getting into trouble with all-night gaming and near-misses with the police.

Can Dean get to the bottom of what’s going on with his best mate? Or is it too late for their friendship?

​Bruised is 4000 words long and is part of Badger Learning's Two-Sides series.  The series is written for reluctant readers age 13+.  

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Front cover by Dave Robbins

County Lines

Ella is fed up at school. She can't wait to leave and get a job. Dom is older, more mature and he completely gets Ella. He buys her presents and invites her to parties. So, when Dom asks for a favour, why would Ella say no? It's not until she hears Matt's story that Ella realises doing a favour for Dom comes with serious consequences.

County lines is part of Badger Learning's Between the Lines II series. These texts have been written by experienced authors who are experts in developing stories for struggling readers. 

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Dear Daddy and Dear Mummy series
Illustrated by Dan Butcher

The Dear Daddy and Dear Mummy books were written for the charity Little Troopers.  Little Troopers supports children with parents serving in the British Armed Forces.  The series helps young children (aged 2-6) deal with the unique challenges they face, whether that be moving schools, moving house or dealing with a parent on deployment for a long period of time.

The books are available through the Little Troopers shop here

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