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I LOVE writing for children.  I've written lots and lots of stories; some have been made into beautiful books and some are gathering dust in the corner of my bedroom. 

I have written scary stories, mysteries and adventures, but my most favourite stories of all are FUNNY!  I love slapstick, ridiculous rhymes, crazy characters and laugh-out-loud jokes!

I remember writing stories when I was a very little girl and I can't believe that it's my job now.  I feel like the luckiest person in the world!

This is me sitting in Roald Dahl's replica chair at the Roald Dahl Museum.  Not long after this, I signed my first picture book deal so maybe some of his brilliance rubbed off on me!


This  is me with one of my lovely netball teams.  I'm on the right hand side and I look like I need to put more effort into my jump!


When I'm not reading or writing, then you might find me whizzing around a netball court or splashing through puddles on a countryside run.  I ran the London Marathon in 2019 and it was BRILLIANT!  People were cheering for me and shouting my name and I felt like a total ROCKSTAR!


And this is me after one of my training runs.  I feel worse than I look!

I'm a total CHOCOLATE MONSTER!  I'd eat it for breakfast, lunch and tea but my mum says I'm not allowed to.  Eating chocolate helps me think.  If you find me eating Nutella straight out of the jar then it probably means that someone has told me that I need to change one of my stories (when it was perfectly perfect just as it was, thank you very much).

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